Sticker Pack


4 Stickers / (1) 7×3" (3) 2×2"

What you see is what you get. A sticker pack featuring one large, slightly provocative sticker and three smaller ones.

For the paper people

The simplest way to profess your love for paper. We won't tell you where to stick 'em. Although the large sticker does fit nicely on a bumper...


• 4 stickers
• (1) 7×3" (3) 2×2"

Getting The Details Write


Paper texture that’s a joy to write on and touch, neither too smooth or rough. Extensively tested with pens and pencils for the best writing experience.


A smyth sewn binding that opens completely flat so you can write with ease. We use more signatures to accomplish a more flexible binding.


Carefully weighted pages prevent your ink from bleeding, ghosting, and smudging, so you can write fluidly.

In the making

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